Cannabis analytics

When analysing cannabis biomass, we focus mainly on its potential, which represents the total content of cannabinoids, terpenes and other potentially active substances or substances that give cannabis a high nutritional value. For the analysis of biomass samples we propose the use of gas chromatography (GC), which in Slovenia is also a legally prescribed separation technique for determining the content of d9-THC in the hemp biomass.
FULLspectrum - cannabinoids and terpenes without acid forms
Basic price: 62,22 €
10 samp./year: 44,18 €
50 samp./year: 33,00 €
CANNALYSIS- simple cannabinoids assay
Basic price: 44,18 €
10 samp./year: 37,87 €
Cannabis derived products
This category includes isolates, extracts and drops. The use of liquid chromatography (HPLC) is usually recommended in this case, as this technique (unlike GC) can determine the contents of both decarboxylated and acidic types of cannabinoids. These are fundamentally different molecules with different properties, which also affect the effects related to health indications, well-being or nutritional value.
CANNACIDES - cannabinoids and acid forms
Basic price: 62,22 €
10 samp./year: 49,50 €
50 samp./year: 42,90 €
Basic price: 66,00 €
10 samp./year: 55,00 €
50 samp./year: 44,00 €
OMNIspectrum - cannabinoids, acids and terpenes
Basic price: 86,90 €
10 samp./year: 77,00 €
50 samp./year: 70,40 €
RESIDsolv - residual solvents in cannabis products
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Food, drink and cosmetics
Even in more complex matrices, it is possible to determine the contents of both cannabinoids and terpenes. These are matrices such as gummy candies, chocolate, wine and beer, as well as simple or more complex cosmetic products. In these cases, the method is decided after consulting the client, as it depends mainly on the complexity of the matrix (the presence of other substances in the sample) and the desired limit of quantification.
CannaCREAM - cannabinoids and terpenes in cosmetic products
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CannaGUMMI - analysis of gummy candy and other sweets
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CannaDRINKS - analysis of hemp drinks
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Deformulation, research
Cannabis is truly a unique plant, as it produces or biosynthesizes more than 400 different identified molecules. In this abundance of different substances, its basic composition is vital for the functioning of the final mixture. With our knowledge and equipment (both gas and liquid chromatography are coupled with a mass selective detector) we can help you dive into the individual layers of this complexity. If you need help with your research, we are glad to help! Contact us and we will discuss the optimal path for your product.
DEFORMULATION - analytical research of samples
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